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    School Safety Plan Resources

    Safe Schools: A Planning Guide for Action Workbook

    Using the Seven-Step Planning Process for Safe and Effective Schools 2002 Edition

    The seven-step planning process for safe and effective schools is described in Safe Schools: A Planning Guide for Action. The steps weave the requirements of Education Code Section 35294 (see Fig. 1) into a comprehensive plan for schoolwide safety and effectiveness.

    Safe Schools Planning Checklist

    From the CDE. This checklist includes information that is intended to help schools identify elements and resources important in improving school safety and preventing campus violence.

    Comprehensive School Safety Plan--Kern High School District (Word Doc)

    Comprehensive Safe School Plan Template (Long Beach Unified)

    Safe School Planning, as described in Education Code Section 35294, is an eight step process. This process is clearly described in Safe Schools: A Planning Guide for Action.

    Review this text as you are preparing your plan.

     SB 187 Comprehensive School Safety Plan Process & Templates (Maple Creek School District)

    The Comprehensive School Safety Plan Process & Templates is designed to be utilized as a school resource for prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery planning and training as well as functioning as a template for meeting the requirements for the annual Safety

    Plan Process under SB 187 and the National incident Management System. It is designed to be an electronic or hard copy Safety Plan. The template is to be used as a living document to be updated as necessary to meet site, district and community needs, forms or requirements.

    It is NOT intended to be a “grab and go” guide in an actual emergency.




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    About GEA

    The Grossmont Education Association (GEA) protects the rights, safeguards due process, and provides for equal treatment of all members. The Association represents the interests of its members while negotiating with the district for compensation, benefits and work conditions through collective bargaining. GEA is a strong, cohesive, and mutually supportive group of over 800 professional educators at 9 comprehensive high schools and other programs. These educators work together at the site level and communicate district-wide through a representative council. GEA members are dedicated to the academic success and positive personal development of their students – over 21,000 of them.

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